While Americans are busy trying to find out what to cut back on because of ever-increasing prices, Big Brother government is equally busy finding ways to decrease our freedoms. Now the feds want to severely limit our access to various nutritional supplements. Americans use various supplements in large numbers every day. If people didn’t think supplements helped them, the market would not be as huge as it is. But Big Brother thinks it knows best and would severely limit what we can buy.

So, if in the past extra vitamin C has helped shorten the sniffles, we would now have to go to the doctor to get it … if we can find a doctor after Obamacare kicks in. Millions of us are sick and tired of unelected bureaucrats making decisions for us. It’s an insult to our judgment and intelligence. But I suppose said bureaucrats have to keep busy to justify their inflated salaries. But we’re sick of them.

L. Long

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