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How will Obama campaign deal with key question?

It was a billboard campaign launched shortly after Barack Obama moved into the White House that put the issue of his eligibility to be president on the front burner of American politics.

And Joseph Farah, founder of WND.com and the creator of the billboard campaign, said it’s a revised version that will bring it back into the headlines for the 2012 election.

The latest billboard in the new campaign has been launched in Antioch, Tenn. It’s found on Murfreesboro Pike between Bell Road and Forest Lane.

It asks, “Where’s the REAL Birth Certificate?”

“There are so many questions about the document Barack Obama released,” Farah has explained. “They run the gamut from layering found in what he claims is his long-form birth certificate to the fact that it doesn’t reflect an adoption by his stepfather that Obama himself asserts actually took place.”

When the issue first arose, it was publicized with “Where’s the Birth Certificate?” billboards appearing in dozens of major cities across the nation, including some where Obama was expected to be in attendance. When they were launched, about half of the country even was aware of the issue over Obama’s eligibility.

Freshly updated! Find out what Obama’s story truly is, in “Where’s the REAL Birth Certificate?” by Jerome Corsi. Or join in the billboard campaign that seeks the answer to “Where’s the Real Birth Certificate?”

Some critics contend he was not born in the United States, and thus would not be a “natural born citizen” as the Constitution requires of presidents. They allege that the document Obama released last year is no more or less than a fabrication.

Others contend that the Founders would have understood a “natural born citizen” to be the offspring of two citizens of the nation, and since Obama’s father was no more than a visiting student from Kenya, he wouldn’t qualify under any circumstances.

Dozens of lawsuits over the issue have been rejected by judges, although there remain two active channels of protest. One is a series of challenges under state elections procedures claiming that Obama needs to document his eligibility before he should be allowed on state ballots. The other avenue is the investigation by a Cold Case Posse assembled by Maricopa County, Ariz., Sheriff Joe Arpaio, which is looking into concerns that Obama may use fraudulent documents to have his name put on the ballot.

After the early billboards had caught the nation’s attention, several polls revealed that half or more of the respondents simply no longer believed Obama’s story about his eligibility, and just about that many wanted Congress to investigate.

Here’s the latest on the state election ballot challenges to Obama’s candidacy.

Farah explains that there are reasonable questions that need to be answered.

“We’re talking about dozens and dozens of problems with a document no one else in the media or the Washington political establishment dares to question,” he said.

“That’s why this campaign, going over the heads of the media, is so vitally necessary. It worked once before. It will work again,” he asid.

Another recent billboard went up in Anniston, Ala., at 5500 McClellan Boulevard near the TSC Tractor Supply.

The message also recently was posted in Nashville:

The evidence regarding Obama’s eligibility recently – for the first time – was introduced in a court hearing last month in Georgia, but an administrative law judge dismissed the evidence and ruled in favor of Obama, who refused to participate in the hearing or present evidence.

The ruling is being appealed.

The Antioch message is just the latest manifestation of a national campaign.

Recently the campaign put a banner with the same question in the skies over Texas for National Football League fans heading into a game between the Dallas Cowboys and the New York Giants:

It was not the first time the question surrounding Obama’s constitutional eligibility for office had hit the friendly skies.

At the September CNN-Tea Party GOP debate in Tampa, Fla., the question was displayed on a flying billboard.

A plane soared overhead trailing a banner demanding, “Where’s the Real Birth Certificate?”

Aerial banner over Tampa

A U.S. Supreme Court decision from 1875 appears to support the argument that a “natural born citizen” is the offspring of two citizen parents.

The image that Obama released:

Freshly updated! Find out what Obama’s story truly is, in “Where’s the REAL Birth Certificate?” by Jerome Corsi. Or join in the billboard campaign that seeks the answer to “Where’s the Real Birth Certificate?”