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It's 1 minute to midnight, America

Did you know that for now, our federal government sees the RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) electronic, wireless, microchip as the premium human tracker for America and the world? Presently, it is already on the fast track and being introduced or used by governments and corporations in various countries. Besides being an invasion of our privacy and a precursor to the police state, say goodbye to your republic, your freedom, and say hello to the lords of the state who will control your every move, all the while educating you to make you think that this is for the good of the state.

Yes, I remember this utopian, secular, Marxist philosophy when I was still a senior in college. It was all part of the programming, just like it is now. So, fall in line and march to the sound of the piper who will lead you down the road to destruction.

Make no mistake, the imbedded chip in your body is the end game. The 2014 Obamacare law is bringing it to pass. Or then again, will it be the invisible tattoo with your number and all of your private information that will be readily available? It’s here and being tested and used on cows. In the near future, if people do submit to RFID, they will most certainly be bowing to the new gods of a sinister, totalitarian, world elite who seeks to rule with no bounds, no mercy, who refuses to embrace the people’s input and will, and in the end this unelected body will be imparting their own ruthless anti-Christ agendas. Yes, that is the grand finale, the final trump card.

People, it is one minute to midnight. Therefore, the choices that we all make today are of the utmost importance when it comes to survival in a world gone mad with surveillance cameras, Google satellite images of your street and house, and RFID chips in clothing from Wal-Mart. On the drawing board and already being tested in cities are RFID cellphones that will be used to pay for your merchandise, rather than using ATM or credit cards – but here is the rest of the story.

Since 2005, all cellphones have had RFID chips placed in them, mandated by the government. What’s up with that? Of course, if your cellphone is turned off, there is nothing to worry about. Right? Wrong. Even while it is off, your conversation may be listened to and even recorded by those powers at be. The only way you can stop Big Brother’s surveillance is to take the battery out of the cellphone. Law enforcement is fully aware of these outrageous privacy intrusions, and all the while, RFID tracking destroys those God-given unalienable rights, which were so beautifully bestowed upon us after the American Revolution and preserved by the rest of the horrific wars that were fought for an ideal called freedom, liberty, self-rule and one nation under God.

America, I am afraid for you, for the time is short and there is a powerful shadow elite that no longer is listening to God or the people and frequently bypasses congressional approval. This present condition is rapidly destroying the country and our balance of power is crumbling. The republic is being traded for a bureaucracy of czars, countless agencies, executive orders, legal ordinances and an RFID world that will take away every last basic right and freedom that was once part of a country that was like no other.

America, your country and your soul stands in the balance. Choose this day, whom you will serve.

C. Frank