I will not belabor a prior email on this subject, but reading your column today sends chills up my spine. Your position on morality and government is going to make you a dangerous man in the near future. I am not a Ron Paul supporter, and I believe his understanding of the threat of Islam is naive. Still, your opinions of morality and civil law come from where? Post writings of the founders to support such a position.

The Constitution was made for a moral people. There is an enormous difference between that principle and what you are espousing – that civil government must address morality.

You claim adherence to God’s Word. We do not live in a theocracy, and God forbid we should have one with the rascals in Washington at the helm. That is the entire point. Unless you want to make religious tests necessary to hold civil servant positions, your point on morality and law is futile and erroneous. There is moral law, and there is civil law. Where do you see anything in the writings of the founders that civil servants can make moral law or address moral laws? If that be the case, then the First Amendment means nothing.

I am a Christian, a Bible-believing Christian. I’m a Sabbath keeper. I have total respect for the moral law and for the Constitution of the United States. All laws are not moral. Civil laws are to maintain civil obedience and balance of society of citizen toward citizen. If God says looking at a woman with lust in the heart is the law, then by your standard, as I am reading it, you must want the civil government to address man’s thoughts and hold them accountable for them. There is no other avenue you can take. You will ultimately undo the First Amendment with such thinking.

Have mercy, Joseph. You are wondering why Ron Paul cannot see your position on this, and many of us out here are wondering how on earth you can hold the position you do. It is radical and like nothing I have seen in the writings of the founders. Even John Adams would have to reject your position. I have seen you pose the position. I have yet to see you substantiate it with historical writings. The Bible offers you no defense. “Then render to Caesar the things that are Caesar’s; and to God the things that are God’s.” Christ, Himself, established the separation of church and state.

The First Amendment protects each from each other’s interference. If people choose to be immoral, the federal government has no authority to coerce or change that. That is today’s problem. America does not work because of immorality. The churches are weak. The churches have become materialistic. The culture has swamped the churches. There is nothing the federal government, or state and local governments, can do to change that. That area, alone, is God’s.

I fear for you, my friend. You are going as polar opposite as you believe libertarians go.

Do you see it?

Ray Frigon

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