Silverware is one of those categories where cheap, Chinese-made offerings abound on the shelves of retail stores across America. Many Americans believe, and understandably so, that American-made flatware simply isn’t available anymore, especially since Oneida closed its last American factory nearly 10 years ago.

Fortunately, Americans no longer will be stuck with tableware from China.

Sherrill Manufacturing, Inc. is an American-owned company that now produces attractive and reasonably priced tableware at the same factory that Oneida abandoned nearly a decade ago, and you can check out all their American designs at

Liberty Tabletop is the true and complete American choice when it comes to tableware since all of its patterns are designed and manufactured in Sherrill, N.Y., at a plant that has a century-long history of producing quality flatware.

In October of 2003, Oneida announced it was closing the Buffalo, N.Y., plant, and about a year later another announcement about the Sherrill closure followed.

But the same factory now churns out high-quality and unmistakably American flatware.

With Liberty Tabletop flatware, you’ll get finest-quality, heavy-gauge stainless steel. All Liberty Tabletop flatware is produced using the best nickel 18-10 chrome stainless steel, which provides increased luster and enhanced resistance to staining over less expensive stainless grades like 18-0.

The fine folks at Liberty Tabletop know that producing in America helps to keep our fellow countrymen employed and our country moving forward. In an industry where there were previously no American-made producers, they have obviously taken a gutsy gamble in their belief in and commitment to the American worker. Now it’s time for all of us to show that they can believe equally in the commitment of the American consumer to make patriotic purchases.

Liberty Tabletop didn’t just pick up where Oneida left off when they closed the doors on American factories that once employed about 2,500 people at its peak.

They took efficient steps to shorten the supply chain so they could pass the savings on to, and therefore offer a more attractive price to, the American consumer. In fact, they invite you to shop and compare similar products found in traditional retail outlets.

There is a stark contrast between Liberty Tabletop and imported brands like Oneida, which is now owned by a private-equity firm, and doesn’t even manufacture its own brand. In 2006, it switched from manufacturing products to simply “sourcing” all of its product lines. For example, Robinson Home Products now distributes flatware and dinnerware under Oneida’s name.

Liberty Tabletop offers nine distinct patterns, along with a Baby Liberty brand for the young ones in your life or family.

They are so confident of their quality manufacturing process at the Sherrill, N.Y., factory that all of the flatware patterns are backed by a 25-year manufacturer’s warranty. If during the life of the product, it fails due to a manufacturing defect, the consumer may return it for replacement. You can also return any order within 30 days for a full, no questions asked refund. And right now, orders over $100 come with free shipping.

It’s great to know that as American families sit down at the dinner table, it doesn’t have to be fitted with foreign-made flatware. If you’re in the market for new flatware in your future, I would suggest you consider the high quality and truly American choice of Liberty Tabletop at, and help keep a resurgent American industry alive and thriving.

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