President Obama is dividing Americans through the tactics of the 1960s radical community organizer Saul Alinsky, charged Sen. Mitch McConnell, R-Ky., in a speech at the 2012 Conservative Political Action Conference in Washington.

“You all know the liberal strategy,” McConnell said. “Pick a target, freeze it, isolate it and defeat it.”

The senator summarized the Obama administration’s three years in power: “More spending, more debt, fewer jobs.”

He pointed out that unemployment has remained above 8 percent for 36 straight months.

“If you lose a job in the Obama economy, you can expect to look for a new job for 44 weeks,” McConnell said. “Now the Congressional Budget Office says the federal deficit will be over $1 trillion for three straight years.”

He criticized the Obama administration for creating 150,000 jobs in government, while the private economy has languished.

“This government spends too much,” he said. “Until Washington proves it can handle spending responsibly, taxpayers should not hand over another cent in higher taxes.”

He pledged that Republicans will work to repeal Obamacare.

“Republicans in Congress want to get a waiver from Obamacare for every American,” McConnell said.

The Kentucky senator said Obama “should be reminded that he was elected to be president of the United States, not to head a Wall Street fan club.”

“Here’s a president who spent two years to reconfigure the American economy to put the government in charge of the automobile industry and the banks, while taking over the student loan business,” he said.

McConnell promised that Congress would press for tax reform and reducing deficit spending.

“We’re not in this economic mess because of some tsunami in Japan,” he said. “The American people need to know who was in charge of the first credit downgrade in the history of the United States.”

Referring to the most recent midterm elections that gave Republicans a majority in the House, McConnell said, “The only reason we are making any progress at all is because American voters placed a restraining order on Obama and Nancy Pelosi in November 2010.”

He championed the right of Catholics to renounce birth control and abortion as a matter of conscience.

“We will fight Obamacare until Congress repeals the law or the Supreme Court strikes it down,” he said.

McConnell encouraged the CPAC audience to work for Obama’s defeat in November.

“No president is more powerful than the Constitution of the United States.”

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