President Obama released his budget blueprint this week to typical reviews. Republicans called it more deficit spending and another attempt to soak the rich. Obama and his supporters say the plan institutes greater fairness into the system and advances the economic recovery Obama claims is taking place.

Obama also got a win this week when Congressional Republicans scrapped their demands that any extension of the payroll tax rates be offset with equal amounts of spending cuts. John Gizzi of Human Events evaluates both issues and said voters will reward GOP members for not raising taxes rather than punish them for not demanding spending cuts.

“Republicans were able to hold the line on raising taxes.

“This House of Republicans can go into an election year saying they didn’t raise taxes.”

Gizzi also explains why he expects Mitt Romney to roar back and win his home state of Michigan at the end of the month and eventually claim the Republican nomination.

And Gizzi spells out what we can expect the U.S. policy to be toward an Iran moving closer and closer to a nuclear-weapons program.

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