Two radical Muslims who have set up a base of operations in the United Kingdom are calling for a revolution in India, the installation of Shariah Islamic law there and the implementation of an Islamic state.

The alarming call to action was the subject of a report by MEMRI, the Middle East Media Research Institute, which said the plan is for the destruction of Hindu temples and statues; the elimination of Bollywood, India’s movie industry; and the institution of Shariah under which non-Muslims would pay a special tax to be allowed to live there.

“The two leaders of this organization are identified as Sheikh Anjem Choudary and Sheikh Omar Muhammad Bakri,” the report said.

“There is a consensus among all Muslim scholars that it is not permitted for non-Muslims to have authority over Muslims. Allah says in the Quran, ‘I have created you (Muslims) a leading Ummah (nation) in order to witness the affairs of mankind,'” the campaign’s new website explains.

The site is announcing that “New Spring Waits” and the “Rise of the Muslims” is set for March 3 in New Delhi.

“Muslims must demand their rights in India!” it states.

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The site notes the pending elections in India but says Shariah is a solution to that also.

“The whole of India is in fact Muslim land, the authority belongs to them and … they should take it from the current ruling party to implement the Shariah. Instead to (sic) begging for rights from the Hindus the Muslims in India must govern by the law of the creator Allah. In fact it is an act of shirk (polytheism) to rule by other than what Allah has revealed or to ask another to do so (i.e. by voting for them),” the campaign contends.

“There is no Islamic justification for the Deobandis or Barelvis to participate in the kufr (non-Islamic) electoral system to elect someone who will violate the sanctity of Allah by ruling according to man made law. This is an act of apostasy from any Muslim which must be condemned,” it states.

“We therefore call upon all Muslims to rise on the 3rd of March 2012 (the 88th anniversary of the destruction of the last Islamic State) in New Delhi in a public demonstration and demand what is rightfully theirs i.e. the authority, to establish the Khilafah and rule by the laws of God alone.”

The MEMRI report by Tufail Ahmad regarding the new Shariah4Hind site noted the two site leaders both are former leaders of the British jihadist organization Al-Muhajiroun.

“Shariah for Hind plans to campaign for reestablishing Islamic rule in India with an ideological agenda which outlines a much purer form of Islamic rule for the country than that which existed during various periods of rule by Muslim kings in India both before and during the British era,” the report said.

The site notes that it simply is impossible to allow Muslims to live under non-Muslim rule.

“Islam is the only religion to have maintained its relationship with God, with a miraculous book called the Quran and meticulous sciences that ensure texts recorded during the life of the final messenger Muhammad can be verified, understood and authenticated. This cannot be said for any of the other world religions, which have literally been lost in translation,” the site explains.

The Muslims stated that the site “is a call to unite over half a billion Muslims to retake what is rightfully theirs and galvanize a superpower unmatched in the world.”

The plan proposes that once Muslims are in control, they will guarantee the rights of non-Muslims.

It explains that non-Muslims will be allowed to live in the new Muslim India (“and other territories which will be annexed to it in due course”) for the cost of a special tax and if they follow Muslim orders.

The non-Muslims also would be required to “receive Muslims as guests if they are traveling,” must not build any temples, must not show their religion publicly, must not celebrate Christmas or other holidays, and must wear clothing so they can be identified.

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