The pundits and media just don’t get it. It’s the Republican Party versus the new conservative party!

I am mad as hell! I now believe that it is time to split the GOP into two separate political parties. People like Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity, Sarah Palin and many in the media, many on Fox News, have made it very clear lately that the GOP, Grand Old Party, no longer exists.

Since the right wing has decided to redefine the term “conservative,” it should call itself the Conservative Party, as Hannity likes to call it. The rest of us, as Palin and Newt call us, the “establishment,” should keep the title Republican Party.

I know that there are many, many of us who are very saddened and disappointed in what has happened in the Republican Party. I have been a life-long voting Republican. (I’m 56 years old.) I will not support a far right-wing candidate any longer because they have gone too far. They are making laughing stocks out of the entire Republican Party!

I am calling for the “establishment” (the Grand Old Party) to unite and redefine our own Republican Party, eliminating the stubborn, radical, intolerant, staunch religious right, of the far right wing. I am fed up and resent the spewing of insults and rhetoric toward the GOP “establishment.” The new conservatives have torn down and divided the GOP long enough! We expect this sort of hate speech from the left, but it’s really disgusting coming from the right wing.

The new conservative movement will not get my votes any longer.

Mary Drake

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