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Newt's my man!

Did anyone happen to watch Sen. Lindsey Graham on Gretta last Wednesday night, Feb 1? If all the people that are going to vote in the next election had watched her interview, they would only vote for Newt.

Graham admitted he and the rest of Congress were too hard on Newt, and since he, Graham, had matured he can now see why Newt got a lot of things done. Graham said that he couldn’t work with the others in Congress like Newt did to balance the budget and get the Republicans back in the race. He said Newt was not radical, but just trying to get things accomplished. Graham said he thought Newt was leaning too close to Clinton, but now he understands what Newt had to do to get things done.

Graham said that Newt was the only one that could change Washington, and if it does not get changed we are not going to survive. I wish everyone could have seen the interview. I hope Fox News would consider running that again. You won’t hear about the interview because Fox is not fair and balanced like they claim to be. Newt should use that interview, with Graham’s permission, for his new ad.

Ann Coulter can go right along with Pelosi, Reid and Obama where Allen West suggested they go. I and all my friends will be voting for Newt.

Fay Miller