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Obama polishes his halo

Let me level with you at the outset. I don’t agree with any of the arguments about health insurance covering birth control for woman.

I’ve always believed that the decision to practice birth control is a choice of the individual and that the cost of that choice should be paid by the individual, not by insurance and especially not by the government using tax money.

You do it, you pay for it.

Insurance doesn’t cover the choice to have sex outside of marriage. It doesn’t cover the choice to marry and have sex. Decisions as to how to deal with the consequences of the sexual act should be paid from the individual’s budget. If the act takes place, people should pay for any “protection” they choose.

And that would include abortion, which, like it or not, is the most extreme form of birth control. An abortion isn’t done for fun.

A woman has an abortion because she doesn’t want to give birth to the baby growing inside her. Maybe she just doesn’t want a baby, or maybe she doesn’t like the sex of the unborn child, or maybe she believes the child is disabled.

Regardless of the reason, abortion ends that pregnancy and ends the developing new life.
But birth control and abortion have always been a choice. People have always had the free choice of conscience to do it or not. A person couldn’t be forced to do either.

But under the Obama administration, that’s about to change.

Two weeks ago, Kathleen Sibelius, secretary of Health and Human Services, said Obamacare will require all employers to provide health insurance for staff that will cover all contraceptives and sterilization.

Not even the conscience of religious beliefs will interfere, and even Catholic hospitals, colleges, universities and other organizations with moral objections will not be allowed to opt out.

Oh, the government is giving them a year to adjust their consciences to fit the new paradigm, but they’ll still have to conform or face enormous fines.

Belmont Abbey in North Carolina, run by Benedictine Monks for 136 years, could face fines of $300,000 a year!

Colorado Christian College could be hit with a first-year fine of $500,000.

The Becket Fund is suing on their behalf for infringement of religious liberty.

Remember, when Obama spoke at Notre Dame he said he’d do nothing to challenge Catholic faith or conscience.

Ha! Was that a deliberate lie?

You decide. I have.

Few recall that in a 2006 speech, Barack Obama said, “Whatever we once were, we are no longer a Christian nation.”

He neglected to elaborate, so we really don’t know what he meant, but judging by his speech at the National Prayer Breakfast last week, he’s on the Christian bandwagon as a “committed Christian.”

Astoundingly, Americans were treated – if that’s the proper word – to the president telling attendees at the prayer breakfast, “I wake up each morning … say a brief prayer and I spend a little time in scripture and devotion.”

This is the man who hasn’t found time to join a church in Washington since his inauguration but who has more than enough time to play golf, travel the world and vacation extensively.

Considering Obama’s public history of elaborate political contortions to support, revere and honor the beliefs and practices of Islam, his sudden public revelations of his “Christianity” was more than ludicrous.

It’s not surprising he got a standing ovation. It’s not politic to indicate publically that Obama is spreading it on pretty thick – even when his audience is filled with religious dignitaries.

He continued his religious theme by quoting the Bible and referencing Jesus to defend his “tax the rich and spread the wealth” proposals. With astounding chutzpah, he said his overall proposal “coincides with Jesus’ teaching.”

Talk about turning a “prayer breakfast” into a political stump speech! It is an election year, after all.

But despite all his “connections” with Jesus, Obama refuses to budge on the health-care requirements for Catholics.

He isn’t alone. The self-proclaimed “good Catholic,” Nancy Pelosi, vowed she’d defend the administration’s ruling against the Church, even though the Church – her Church – considers sterilization, contraceptives and abortion to be immoral.

Poor Susan B. Komen Foundation, the breast-cancer awareness group. It decided to drop financial support for Planned Parenthood because it’s being investigated. From the torrent of outrage – from politicians, feminists and media – you’d have thought they were forcing cancer on every woman, or at the very least, turning into baby machines.

Almost within hours, Komen caved and reversed the decision. It’s the clearest example possible of the political power of Planned Parenthood, which gets millions annually from the government and makes other millions providing abortions.

Who could have predicted that the race for the GOP presidential nomination would have been swept from the headlines by birth control, religion, choice, Catholic belief, morality, church and state issues, breast cancer, Planned Parenthood, the Bible and how the president prays – all in one week!

It happened, and it all involves our constitutionally guaranteed freedom to practice religion without government interference and the separation of church and state.

Barack Obama and his administration never give up stomping on the Constitution. Will this re-elect him?

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