On the one hand, bravo to the Virginia House of Delegates for passing the so-called “Tim Tebow law” that would give homeschooled students access to public-school athletic programs. State Rep. Rob Bell deserves a lot of credit for the concept.

However … Bell tripped on his bootlaces by including a section that would enable local school districts to charge “fees” to the homeschooling parents. Those parents are already paying fees – known as “taxes” – to support a school system they don’t even use, until now. While this section might be legislatively “palatable,” it is also just plain wrong. (This is doubly true if the parents of the public-schooled parents are not charged those same fees. The public-schooled students use all of the services of a school district, while the homeschooled students would be using only the athletic programs.)

In keeping with the left’s gross double standard, the teachers’ union does not want the homeschooling parents to have access to things that they pay for; but, they want them to keep paying anyway.

Tom Kovach

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