Re: “Where Ron Paul goes off the rails”:


I know you appreciate Ron Paul’s consistent stand against run-away government. He (along with Michele Bachmann, to her credit) voted against John Boehner and his insane debt limit increase.

I wish you wouldn’t take cheap shots at the candidate who is in the line of fire of all the demons of hell. Ron Paul opposes the globalist “new world order,” the North American Union, the United Nations, the World Trade Organization, the Federal Reserve System, bailouts of big business, fiat money, the income tax and the whole satanic agenda to submerge our country into a world government.

I know you oppose these schemes because you’ve written against them for decades, going back to your days at the Sacramento Union. Ron Paul is not perfect, and you and I have disagreements with him on a handful of issues. However, he is not a materialist. He has stated over and over again that our rights come from God and that the purpose of government is to secure those rights. (See his book, “A Republic, If You Can Keep It.”) He has also criticized Ayn Rand for equating Christianity with a socialist view of altruism. (See his book, “End the Fed.”)

Ron Paul has fought battles no other Republican would dare touch and is enduring the manifold reproaches of the very forces that attack you. Please pray for him and support him. His style is not to put “social issues” front and center, but his views of constitutionalism and limited and divided government would allow people like us in the grassroots to restore Judeo-Christian principles and morality to our republic.

Gordon Blake

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