It’s way past time we step up and tell the left that this is what God wants and this is the way it will be done!

We have allowed the Trojan Horse with all the progressive thoughts inside!
1.) Political correctness;

2.) Affirmative action:

3.) The GOP and its progressive thought.

Have we forgotten who we are!?

1.) We are the children of the true and living God.

2.) We need to hold on to the Constitution and allow God’s Word and principles that were written into it work the way it has for the past 200-plus years.

3.) We must stand up to the bullies on the left and return to our knees in prayer, asking God to guide us, as our forefathers did as our Constitution was penned!

We are God’s children following our savior, Jesus Christ! When we return to God and live as his children, we cannot be beat!

Michael Yeakle

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