(POLITICO) — Rush Limbaugh mocked the Republican establishment on his radio show Wednesday for being “shocked” by Rick Santorum’s three-state win, saying, “I can’t believe how insulated they are.”

“They’re literally shocked. The Republican establishment had no idea this was percolating out there. I can’t believe how insulated they are,” Limbaugh said. “To look at the reaction they’re having today, to see how shocked they are that Rick Santorum has come out of what they thought was an impossible position equivalent to nowhere, is an incredible thing.”

The “drive-bys” – a term that Limbaugh has coined for the media – have been crediting the conservative radio talker for Santorum’s trifecta victory Tuesday by spreading around the notion that “the Republican base is a bunch of mind-numbed robots sitting out there waiting for marching orders from me,” the conservative radio show host said.

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