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Saving America is 'Now or Never'

One of the most obvious realities in our world today is that the 2012 presidential election is truly epic. There have been “turning point” elections before, but many of us feel that the present administration is purposely leading the United States to its doom.

There are plenty of credible sources who understand that we are on a dangerous path, as well. Witness the latest blockbuster book from Sen. Jim DeMint, R-S.C., “Now or Never: Saving America from Economic Collapse.”

After all, we don’t want to end up like the Greeks.

DeMint is a stalwart conservative in Congress, one who takes a hard-eyed look at our present calamitous economy. He and some friends think they have a winning game plan to stop the decline.

But we must act now.

I think even a fifth-grader would have known that the so-called “Super Committee” didn’t have a clue how to solve the country’s debt crisis; it was predictable. DeMint and his colleagues have watched this fiasco up close. The senator doesn’t mince words.

“The political establishment in Washington is destroying our country,” DeMint writes, “and only a determined effort by the American people can stop them. Simply put, America may not survive another four years of President Obama and a Democrat-controlled Senate.”

He really feels 2012 is critical, and DeMint has an actual plan.

In stark and delicious contrast to the new hippies, like Brian McLaren, DeMint and his friends understand American exceptionalism. They embrace it. It’s an important component of “Now or Never.”

And the author presents a bit of historical background (from the period of the Enlightenment) that is crucial to understanding the competing worldviews in Washington: “[European nations] promoted equality through centralization of power and universal social programs. Social justice meant that government should orchestrate equitable circumstances and outcomes for all citizens. They assumed if everyone grew up and lived in the same environment, then the inherent goodness and virtue of mankind would prevail.”

He then contrasts this with American innovation, which has been derailed of late by socialists in government. He points out that until Jimmy Carter created the Department of Education, American students “were the best and brightest in the world.” Now, we lag behind.

Now, flash-forward to summer 2011. Obama was now asking for the fourth time for Congress to raise our debt ceiling, this time by another two trillion dollars. This would increase the national debt by another $10 trillion over the next decade, something DeMint fumes over: “Such fiscal irresponsibility is completely indefensible.”

So, the issue becomes, one set of powerbrokers wants to ruin the country, and is doing it on purpose. The other wants to implement sane policies.

And he is very clear about what Obama is doing, lest you are still part of the gullible public that thinks the president is not sinister. DeMint just flat-out says that while Obama didn’t create all of America’s problems, he is making them much worse.

DeMint also makes a really interesting observation in Chapter: “What You Can Do To Save America.” The senator from South Carolina says we must be smart strategically in getting into position to elect competent leaders with backbone to make hard choices.

DeMint then maintains that only by uniting behind the Republican Party can this change take place: “Unless freedom-loving Americans can unite within the Republican Party, the Democrats will win every election and continue to shamelessly lead our nation toward an economic collapse, blaming everyone but themselves along the way.”

DeMint proposes to right our ship by, among other things, cutting wasteful spending – and this isn’t just political rhetoric, but a well thought-out agenda.

He provides loads of real detail: “Adopt the REINS Act. This proposal, offered by Sen. Rand Paul, would require congressional approval of any rule or regulation that has more than a $100 million impact on the economy. If enacted, it would significantly slow the current pace of job-killing regulations.”

In “Now or Never,” DeMint also highlights moments when public opinion actually fostered change. For example, the EPA recently was shamed over an inane policy that requires farmers to show how they will train “first responders” and build “containment facilities” if there is a “flood of spilled milk” (since milk contains oil).

Now note the takeaway value of this story: “Public outrage over the EPA’s ‘Spilled Milk Regulation’ eventually shamed the agency into repealing the ruling.”

You see, DeMint and others know that the direction of this country is still in the hands of the people. We must simply become more engaged. DeMint’s latest effort, “Now or Never,” is a very useful tool in education the masses about Washington abuses and how to fix them. His easy-to-read style, coupled with a mountain of compelling data and stories, makes this book a must-have in the lead-up to November 2012.

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