On Friday, President Obama offered an “accommodation” to a new Health and Human Services rule mandating contraception coverage for women at no cost. Obama will now allow religious institutions to reject paying for coverage they consider in violation of their beliefs.  Insurance companies will now pay those bills.

“The mandate covers anything the FDA calls a contraceptive and it also covers sterilization.

“The people who are paying for the health plan are paying for everything that is mandated,” National Right to Life Committee Legislative Director Douglas Johnson told WND.

Johnson says this is all a “scam” and nothing has changed from a policy standpoint. Johnson also says the same rationale behind the decision could be used to mandate “free” abortion coverage in all health plans since it’s cheaper than coverage for having and caring for a newborn baby.

“If Obama is re-elected you can expect the gloves to come off.”

Johnson says it’s all an example of why government has no business dictating the terms of health coverage policies.

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