President Obama is once again embracing his 2008 campaign policy of unilaterally reducing America’s nuclear arsenal by 80 percent.

This stance conflicts with his stated goals in the 2010 START agreement with Russia, which calls for smaller reductions in nuclear weapons and modernizing our stockpile to ensure reliability. Sen. James Inhofe (R-Okla.) is a member of the Senate Armed Services Committee and is very concerned.

He says Obama is not doing anything to modernize our nuclear stockpile and is volunteering to reduce our capability at a time when the Iranians are ramping up their nuke program.

“He is 100 percent political. He’s right now in this balancing act where he has to sound like an American, like he’s really looking out for our best interest.”

He also says Obama’s plan would leave the U.S. well below where the Russians are and he finds that unacceptable. Combined with major defense cuts and scrapping an eastern European missile shield, Inhofe fears national security is being severely degraded at the worst possible time.

“A true liberal doesn’t think you need a military anyway. And that’s what we’re dealing with right now.”

Inhofe also previews his new book “The Greatest Hoax” on the climate change debate.

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