Rick Santorum swept all three contests on Tuesday, winning as expected in Missouri and Minnesota and stunning Mitt Romney in Colorado. Many conservatives believe the results altered the state of the GOP race in major ways, but Human Events Political Editor John Gizzi says Mitt Romney is still the man to beat.

“There’s some latent doubtfulness about Romney as the GOP nominee,” Gizzi tells WND.

“But when it comes down it it, he looks awfully hard to beat.”

Gizzi explains why Santorum’s wins were not as big as they could have been and why Romney has the edge going forward.

“Santorum has to have his ‘South Carolina moment’ and have that turn into delegates. Not just a beauty contest, not just a delegate-selection contest but real, hard delegates.”

Gizzi tells us why President Obama is risking huge defections in the Catholic vote if he does not change his policy on mandating contraception coverage by all employers. And Gizzi offers his insights on a rapidly deteriorating Middle East.

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