(STATELINE) — In the early morning hours of Super Bowl Sunday last year, Dallas police arrested Anthony Ladell Winn. They suspected Winn of forcing two sisters, ages 14 and 20, to travel from Austin to Dallas to work as prostitutes while thousands of football fans gathered for the big game. “There was big money to be made during the Super Bowl,” Winn said according to police documents obtained by the Dallas Morning News.

Winn was charged with “attempting to compel prostitution” and “trafficking of persons.” While Winn has yet to stand trial, law enforcement officials, prosecutors and human rights advocates see his case as an example of an ugly byproduct of hosting the Super Bowl and all of the pre-game parties that go along with it. In the past few years, host cities have reported an influx of sex trafficking activity, and have launched task forces to rescue both children and adults from coerced prostitution.

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