Within just a few weeks in 2009, Jenny Beth Martin went from losing her home to foreclosure and cleaning bathrooms to pay the bills to becoming one the key leaders of the grassroots tea-party movement.

Martin tells us why she and her husband did not want to be part of big government programs that may have allowed them to keep their home.

“We never knew making the personal, private decisision to start over and to rebuild on our own without taking handouts from the government would actually affect us the way it did.”

Along with Mark Meckler, Martin founded the Tea Party Patriots.  They are also co-authors of a new book by the same name.

“The people have woken up, we’re paying attention, we’re sure not going to the let the establishment of any party shove anything down our throats.”

Martin explains why she’s disappointed with many of the freshman Republicans her group and other tea party members helped to elect. She also explains why ideas will be the focus of the tea party in 2012 and not a lot of campaigning for specific candidates.

“You can’t hang your hopes on any single politician. We’re fighting for independence.

“The ‘tea-party Republicans’ pledged to cut $100 billion and they haven’t cut a single dollar.”

She also explains some of the reform ideas she thinks need to be pursued both in the near term and the long term.

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