On Tuesday of this week, I heard no fewer than three of our top conservative radio personalities refer to our country/society as being “upside-down.” I found this of particular interest because my schedule is such that I seldom get more than one combined half-hour of radio most days.

Those who haven’t drunk the proverbial powdered drink mix commonly associated with the Jonestown tragedy have been drawing the societal inversion analogy more and more as time – and our social malaise – progresses. There really are too many newsworthy examples illustrating this for one to cogently address them all in one column.

A few do spring to mind, though …

For example, the incomprehensibly degenerate “educational” materials being produced by Planned Parenthood International have come under increased scrutiny of late, largely due to the efforts of the pro-life organization American Life League. To the initiated, it’s bad enough that Planned Parenthood, the largest purveyor of abortion services in America, had its genesis in eugenics. The legacy of having been devised in order to curtail the procreation of “undesirable” subgroups within the gene pool (blacks in particular) is certainly far from enviable. Now it is has become clear that Planned Parenthood is doing its level best to produce as many wanton libertines as possible.

To this end, they have focused on American children.

Watching a substantial amount of television, one might very well come away with the impression that half of all Americans are dedicated socialists. Such organizations as Planned Parenthood, in the front ranks of the political left in the culture war, would have us believe that at least one-third of Americans are homosexual, bisexual, or transgender individuals. This, of course, ostensibly justifies the promotion of what they deem to be “tolerance” in education, media and everywhere else in which they’ve insinuated their operatives.

Those crafting the new “conventional wisdom” are attempting to raise the youngest of our children to believe that “marrying” someone of either sex someday is perfectly normal, that a young woman screwing her way through college as an escort is a legitimate way of funding her education, and that orgies are simply good, clean fun. When children indoctrinated in this manner reach puberty confused about their sexuality and sex-obsessed in general, we’re told that we ought not judge nor guide, as this would be “imposing sexual roles” upon them.

A conveniently self-fulfilling doctrine if I do say so myself.

Upon examination of the deviant material Planned Parenthood employs, I would submit that a society that allows people to promote lurching cartoon penises and dancing vaginas as “age-appropriate educational material” for grade-school kids has developed some pretty fundamental problems. The revelations of the American Life League (and now an expanding number of alternative media outlets) have alerted the public to the fact that Planned Parenthood is promoting every manner of deviance via their K-through-college supplementary education programs.

What’s worse is that they’ve been doing it on the public dime and with the full cooperation of many educators. And it’s long since ceased being about “tolerance” or sex ed. They’re not concerned with contraception, preventing sexually transmitted diseases, or the so-called civil rights of homosexuals. They are aggressively promoting the tawdriest, most debasing sides of human sexuality, including the poorly veiled promotion of pedophilia.

Since so many Americans had no idea whatsoever that Planned Parenthood was so deeply dedicated to debauchery, perversion and the systematic indoctrination of our youth, the things recently brought to light have given more voice to those calling for an end to all federal funding to this organization. All of this coming on the heels of the Obama administration’s recent attacks upon the Catholic Church is not lost on our newly engaged troops in the culture war.

Also not lost on conservatives is that much of the discussion of “sexual rights” and the timely conflict around religious liberty is diversionary. Obviously, religion has been under attack by the left for a long time; however, this administration would much rather have us debating condoms than the economy during this election cycle due to President Obama’s record.

There is also the practical need to draw attention away from anything that might become a campaign issue. Obama and the Democratic leadership are aware that the Republican candidate will exercise caution in attacking Obama, given the ever-ready race hustlers poised to make a bigot out of him. Despite this, if some of the administration’s grosser transgressions come to light, it could become much more of an open season on the president.

So while oil-rich primitives work feverishly toward building thermonuclear warheads, terrorists continue to establish cells in the U.S., drug cartels terrorize our border, and communists camp out in our major cities considering whether or not to drag merchants and executives out of their shops and offices (respectively) and murder them, the biggest stories on the news will continue to be such trivialities as gay “marriage” and “reproductive rights.”

It is quite like the sergeant who dresses down an infantryman for being out of uniform during an artillery barrage, but while this is the case, Obama will be free to subsidize Islamic fascists overseas, continue his attacks on the Constitution and our personal liberties, and outright lie about the economy getting better.

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