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The Russia-China threat

The readers of WND need an in-depth analysis of the United States’ current military readiness strengths and weaknesses to handle scenarios when war breaks out in the Mideast and beyond.

War is more likely to break out this spring than any time since 1939 or 1914. Russia has two new naval bases in Syria on the Mediterranean, sort of as a trip wire against the Israelis. How many Russian soldiers are in Syria or Hezbollah Lebanon presently? Are there any Chinese ground, naval or air forces in Syria presently? How many Russian or Chinese military technicians and pilots or naval personnel are actively involved in the defense of Iran presently? Will the Russians and/or the Chinese strike at Israel? Will the Russians or the Chinese make military moves elsewhere in the world if and when Israel strikes Iran? If so, where?

Will the Chinese use this time of war in the Mideast to pulverize and occupy and swallow Taiwan back into its geopolitical control? Will the Chinese PLA Navy “liberate” the small islands of the Yellow Sea and South China Sea that potentially have a vast amount of petrol reserves under the sea there and that several other nations claim as their own as well? Will the Chinese attack and sink some capital ships of the U.S. Navy in the Far East to “teach the Yankee Dogs” a lesson? Will the Chinese with Russian help go even further?

Of course, there are the even more important questions of how vulnerable is our homeland to a strategic attack from Russia, China, Iran or North Korea possibly coming from Venezuela or off a sub or freighter near our coastlines.

Robert Hargrave