How do we elect such incompetent or dishonest people? State Sen. Toi Hutchinson of Illinois has proposed a $5 surtax on each individual entering a strip club, or “gentleman’s club” (the euphemism). I called her office when I heard the announcement on the radio Thursday morning and told them it was nothing but a slush fund for government, at best, or a sorry joke to make taxpayers think she was doing something useful.

Does it make sense to spend more money counseling women who strip for a living when they are the victims of rape? (Revenue from the new tax would go to programs for sexual-abuse victims.) What most victims want in the first place is justice. If we know who the rapist is, don’t have mercy on them – execute them. They won’t rape again, and the victim and family will know justice has been done. A quick death penalty sentence for a rapist will also dissuade women from filing false charges because they regret having sex with someone later.

Next, how about doing what would keep women and men out of strip clubs? What is that, you ask? Putting back into education teachings on morality and virtue as the way to a happy and fulfilling life.

We totally ignore moral precepts in education along with a curriculum that would actually prepare students to live in our modern world, doing the jobs that higher technology calls for – and then when they turn to a life of stripping, drug-dealing, pimping, whoring, theft, welfare cheating, etc., we want to counsel them.

Talk about closing the barn door after the horse is out!

Ron Hansen

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