Last week we arrived at the lowest moment in the never-too-high history of the United Nations.

Up to now the failures of the United Nations have been mostly dashed expectations – good things the U.N. failed to make happen, rather than bad things the U.N. made happen. You could counter-argue that ever since the U.N. revealed itself as helpless or worse, pro-evil; dictators have felt emboldened to kill. But that’s abstract.

The concrete hit us last week.

Since its birth in 1945, the United Nations, which we hoped would be the “Parliament of Man” making war impossible, has failed to stop (or even define) aggression, failed to stop Soviet aggression even upon their own brother-Communist nations of Hungary and Czechoslovakia, failed to help Tibet, Darfur, Chad, Bosnia, Cyprus, Georgia, Ukraine, Poland, Bulgaria, East Germany, Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia, Kosovo, Afghanistan, Malyasia and too many others against stronger neighbors and failed to help the people of Libya, Cuba, Venezuela, Iraq, Tunisia, Egypt, Romania, Albania, Iran, Burma and too many others against their own brutish regimes.

What did we expect? The “birth defect” of the U.N. was as obvious as a bass fiddle in a phone booth. We chose not to notice it.

After winning World War II, we all agreed not to notice that our major military ally in that war, the Soviet Union, was as dangerous a dictatorship as were any of our fallen enemies. We marinated the Soviet Union in industrial-strength deodorant and scolded any of our factually correct upstarts who dared start up.

“What do you mean ‘dictatorship’? Look how much Russia suffered. They’re our ‘valiant Soviet allies,’ and don’t you forget it!” and, “You called Stalin a WHAT? Shame on you! Didn’t you see what his brave soldiers did to the Nazis at Stalingrad? Get it right! Stalin is NOT a ‘bloodthirsty tyrant.’ He’s our good old ‘Uncle Joe’!”

So, we wound up with a United Nations that gave the Soviets a veto. They assured us that was all parliamentary gobbledegook; didn’t mean a thing in the real world – except that democracies could do absolutely nothing against dictators adroit enough to enlist the strongest dictatorship as a friend. That disaster doubled when the Chinese democracy of Taiwan was kicked out at Soviet insistence in 1971 and replaced by Communist China.

If you had a car, a TV set or even an oboe with as huge and visible a defect as this United Nations, there’s not a manufacturer in the world sleazy enough not to give you a refund or a replacement along with a heartfelt apology. But here we continue to give mouth-to-mouth resuscitation to this insulting failure we call “the United Nations.”

A resolution was proposed in the U.N. last week aimed at stopping the daily slaughter in Syria. Since March unarmed Syrians have taken to the streets to demonstrate against dicta-thug Bashar al-Assad. They’ve been shot dead by well-armed Syrian troops. More civilian protesters come out the next day. And more are shot dead. Russia and China vetoed the resolution; with Iran leading the limited but fervent applause.

And this is where those who still tolerate this murderous excuse for a “Parliament of Man” must arise or rot and reek in eternal shame. We could not accuse the United Nations of “killing” Hungarian freedom fighters, only of being helpless to prevent the Soviet slaughter. We could not accuse the United Nations of “killing” any of the hundreds of populations ignored by the U.N. and subsequently sacrificed since 1945; only that the U.N. was helpless to prevent those massacres.

That is now changed. To make this crucial point, let’s back up to 1915 for a running start.

Adolf Hitler took notice that Germany’s World War I ally, Turkey, killed a million and a half Armenians after that conflict and the world did nothing! History like that does things to minds like Adolf Hitler’s. The world’s indifference to the Armenian genocide gave Hitler new hope for his plan to put an end to the Jewish people.

And, the day after Russia and China vetoed even that pitifully diluted attempt to stop Syria’s genocide of Syrians, the daily death toll vaulted from two to 20 a day all the way up to 200 and 300 a day!

I say leave the U.N. immediately, and the same day announce America’s invitation to form the “UFN” – the United FREE Nations.” Only democracies need apply. Let’s jerk a few tears by doing it in San Francisco, where the U.N. was founded. Let the Syrias, the Russias, the Communist Chinas, the Cubas and the North Koreas have each other.

Meanwhile, let’s appeal to the Vatican to lift its millennia-old rules and let ALL of us be Catholics for one day, which we will spend in the nearest Catholic church confessing, apologizing, atoning and throwing ourselves on the floor for the sin of having lived business-as-usual with this misbegotten United Nations since 1945.

And if the present U.N. protests that the name “UFN” is confusingly close to U.N., tell them to go change their own name. They could change it to the name they earned for themselves last week:


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