I don’t watch much TV, but occasionally – just occasionally – I’ll get hooked on a new show.

I’ve written about my favorite TV program, CBS’ “Person of Interest.” I never miss it. And I know why. It’s about our surveillance society and how one high-tech genius figured out a way to harness the invasions of privacy we undergo on a daily basis for good – for saving the lives of innocent victims of crime.

My second-favorite show – and the only other TV program I actually make a point to watch weekly – is “The Walking Dead” on AMC.

At first I couldn’t really put my finger on why I liked a show about zombies – you know, people who got some dread virus and mutated into brain-dead eating machines with a taste for human blood. In “The Walking Dead,” most of the world is ravaged by this virus, and the show revolves around an intrepid band of uninfected humans trying to survive in the apocalyptic aftermath.

I don’t usually go in for vampires or zombies. So what is it about this particular show that keeps me coming back week after week?

Granted it’s well crafted. It’s suspenseful. There’s plenty of action – and even a reasonable amount of character development.

But it’s more than that.

I think I relate to this show as a kind of metaphor for life in America today.

If you watch the show, you’ll understand what I mean.

I’m one of the survivors. The Walking Dead are the majority of Americans who voted for Barack Obama – and who may be planning to vote for him a second time. In real life, we could call them the Walking Dems. They suck the blood of the shrinking productive class in America. What will become of them when they bleed all of us dry has never occurred to them and never will – because they don’t think. They just consume.

This hit me during a recent episode when one of the survivors betrayed himself as a bleeding heart. His wife and some other family members were infected, but he didn’t put them out of their misery by shooting them in the head, as one must do with the Walking Dead. He kept them locked up in the barn and fed them live chickens, hoping a vaccine would be found some day that would revive them.

You won’t survive long in Walking Dead Land with that kind of attitude, which explains why there aren’t more bleeding hearts on the show.

The bleeding hearts have all been ravaged by the virus. They are the Walking Dead.

So I continue to watch to see if the survivors in Walking Dead Land find an answer. Will they ever be able to beat the odds? Can they ever overcome the superior numbers of bloodsuckers out there – or “walkers,” as they call them?

I’m interested because if they can find an answer, maybe we can, too.

I want to know how to survive in a world of blood-sucking Democrats – crazy, brain-dead, flesh-consumers who only care about their own carnal needs. Maybe this show has the answer.

I don’t think we’re going to find the answer without some help. I’m pretty sure the next election is not going to provide the solution. It doesn’t look like the Republicans have the antidote.

So maybe, for once, we’ll get some inspiration from Hollywood.

Maybe this season finale or next season’s finale will provide the epiphany we need to learn how to cope in this world of the Walking Dems.

That’s why I’m staying tuned.

You know where to find me Sunday night.

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