Rush Limbaugh

Limbaugh asked this week, “Why are Democrats so determined to make birth control ‘free’?”

He suggested that deep down, Democrats are disgusted by pregnancy and children (FREE audio): “Could it be that Democrats fear kids? I mean they are aborting their own people. The vast majority of people having abortions are Democrat voters.”

“First they came for Rush Limbaugh and Lou Dobbs,” wrote Jeffrey Lord in the American Spectator. “And the Catholic bishops did not speak out. Now they are coming for the Catholic bishops. Who will speak out now?”

Lord reminded readers that the Catholic bishops had previously signed onto a Soros-sponsored plan to fight “hate speech” on the airwaves. Now that their own rights are threatened under Obamacare, he wondered, do they regret their decision to attack conservative voices in the media?

Michael Savage

“Right now I don’t think Israel can save itself,” Savage declared with regret this week. “And it’s certainly not our job to save them. They have been given a military, they’ve been given billions of dollars for 50 years now.

“Israel is like a dependent child. How much can we give a country that refuses to defend itself? Unless Israel defends itself, it will become for America what Cuba was to the Soviet Union” (FREE audio).

Savage also reacted to Oliver Stone’s son’s conversion to Islam. He wondered why Hollywood types like Sean Stone are attracted to such a misogynist, violent religion. (FREE audio).

Sean Hannity

Mark Simone sat in for Hannity this week, and was joined on the air by Ann Coulter, who addressed accusations from the Santorum camp that the Maine straw poll was rigged.

“First of all,” Coulter told Simone, “I think that’s a little whiny of Santorum don’t you? Even if his accusations are true, so what? It shows a little better organization on Romney’s part doesn’t it?”

Did you know that Sean Hannity’s hair has its own Twitter account? And that the fellow behind the pro-conservative satirical tweets showed up at CPAC 2012 and even got press credentials? Fishbowl DC has the story.

Mark Levin

On his Monday show, radio talk show host Mark Levin said that “if we were living in a functioning constitutional republic, articles of impeachment would be drawn up against the secretary of [Health and Human Services, Kathleen Sebelius]” over the contraception mandate.

“But that’s not going to happen because the system is broken,” he added. “Even the most modest things that could be done are not being done.”

Laura Ingraham

Pat Buchanan called into the Laura Ingraham show about Rick Santorum’s recent rise in the polls and whether Santorum will appeal to voters in the South.

Byron York also talked about Santorum’s rise, but since it was Valentine’s Day, the chief political correspondent for the Washington Examiner also talked about his least favorite love song of all time.

Dorlinda Bordlee, senior counsel for the Bioethics Defense Fund, talked with guest Raymond Arroyo about how Americans are unknowingly paying for abortion procedures because of Obamacare, which violates the Constitution’s “Free Exercise” clause (FREE audio).

Glenn Beck

“We are all Catholics now!”

That was Beck’s announcement this week, as he called on listeners to fight back against the Obamacare contraception mandate by calling upon their senators to support religious freedom of conscience (FREE audio).

And now, from the left side of the dial …

The pairing of race-obsessed Tavis Smiley and Cornel West on the radio has led to a number of embarrassing yet revealing exchanges. This week, they were joined by second-tier “Saturday Night Live” alum Garrett Morris, who had them laughing uncontrollably at a “kill whitey” joke (FREE audio).

“Can you imagine jokes about killing black people airing on NPR?” asked Radio Equalizer Brian Maloney rhetorically.

Another example of your tax dollars at work.

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