As the Republican field advances through the primary season, voters are evaluating the candidates on a number of issues. However, conservative stances on spending and taxes loom even larger than they did in previous years.

With every candidate posturing as the real fiscal conservative, the National Taxpayers Union combed through the congressional voting records of Newt Gingrich, Rick Santorum and Ron Paul.

NTU Executive Vice President Peter Sepp explains which one does the best job of talking the talk and walking the walk. He explains how each of them stack up against fellow Republicans during that same stretch.

“We have to look at the specifics of each record, as well as what they’re saying today, to achieve a balanced view of how they might perform as president of the U.S.”

He also offers some thoughts on Mitt Romney’s record and review President Obama’s Senate voting record and his policy choices since being elected to the White House.

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