Regarding “100,000 line up to back Sheriff Joe”, 

I cannot understand why WND continue to write and print such “trash” about this fiction regarding the president’s birth certificate.

How the hell does [sic] these clowns know better than the Secret Service, State Department, CIA, FBI, the Department of Justice, which handles forgery at the level of federal inquiries, yet this dumb sheriff who don’t [sic] know the difference between Hawkeye State and Buckeye State sit [sic] in his office and know [sic] the president’s birth papers are forgery! It’s nothing more than plain RACISM. I ask again, where the HELL are [sic] all these cynical IDIOTS when President Bush and that racist Dick Cheney lying [sic] to the American people about Saddam and nuclear bombs preparation in Iraq. Where are the weapons of mass destruction? Where are is [sic] it?

Now a man is born, he runs for president, and they knew it so his birth papers were forged. What a bunch of idiots! Yet WND continues to run these stories day after day about this phony story! Give me a damn break!

This sheriff needs to go back to school or go chase those illegals from Mexico!


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