(LATIMES) — Elizabeth Valenzuela, a managing partner at a law firm in Sherman Oaks, has been an attorney for 26 years but sounds like a fresh law school grad when she talks about her work.

“There is an excitement about what is around the corner,” says Valenzuela, 51, and to find out what lurks there, she regularly logs 70- or 80-hour weeks and never complains about it. “I manage the attorneys, the work product that goes out, my own caseload, business operations,” she says.

Three days a week, she’s in court for workers’ compensation cases, her specialty. When she’s not in court, she’s probably in the office, multitasking. “I work with an iPad on, and a computer on, and I’m on the phone,” Valenzuela says.

She works six days a week, has done so forever and doesn’t plan to stop. “It’s kind of a fire that fuels itself,” she says of her enthusiasm.

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