Regarding “Kirk Cameron fires back” – well spoken, Mr. Cameron, on many fronts!

The notion that being gay is an inherent trait from birth is a contemporary 20th-century concept designed to defend same-sex attraction against the traditional morals and the history of civilized cultures. The decline of morals and gradual acceptance of deviations from “normal” sexual attraction throughout history has correctly signified the end of that civilization or dominant culture.

No credible scientific evidence exists that sexual attraction is anything other than a preference of the individual. Attraction is a complicated rationalization between the mind and emotions that can be influenced by a range and combination of internal and external stimuli at any point in the development process, even well into adulthood. Anecdotal information based on feelings seem to be all that is needed as validation for liberals and those with arbitrary and negotiable morally standards. To base or convey a civil-rights status based on a feeling instead of an immutable trait like the color of skin or gender is wrong and opens the door for the next category of misunderstood deviants to muster enough political influence to gain similar preferential treatment.

Those who criticize Christians based on their faith in what God dictates as immoral are incredible hypocrites. Their definition of tolerance is, “You accept have to my beliefs, but you cannot state yours if I don’t like it.” Their wholly emotional reaction to use words like hate and bigot are a reflex to lash out and demonize a concept they are not comfortable with and requires no thought, reason, intelligence or tolerance to understand what is being said.

The charge of “hate speech” is also highly inaccurate. Nowhere did Mr. Cameron condemn or call for the stoning or other harm to come to gays. There was nothing inaccurate about his characterization of the Bible’s perspective on marriage, homosexuality or sexual sin in general. If he were to go so far as to warning someone that they could go to hell as a consequence of sin according to Gods law; it is no different than warning someone that they could go to prison as a consequence of breaking mans law.

M.J. Lewis

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