Some years ago I served as “spokesman” for the Army where I dealt daily with all media. It became clear to me then, as it is today, that the two most important forces in the experiment that is America are the military and the media – one keeps us secure, the other keeps us free. The most certain sign of an assault on a people’s freedom is any leadership enslaving their media – usually just before they enslave the people. There is no doubt about the security competence of our military; there is considerable doubt about the freedom competence of our media. Some will, without compunction, publish documents designed only to harm America and threaten our freedom. Their true mission is to tell us the truth about ourselves and the issues, but they fail in their mission. Much of America is ideologically balanced – not so the media.

A recent book by Dr. Tim Groseclose, “Left Turn: How Liberal Media Bias Distorts the American Mind,” scientifically establishes what any thoughtful American knows: The majority of the media are liberal. It also scientifically establishes something we are not as aware of – about 70 percent of our views come from the media we use. Dr. Groseclose demonstrates that media bias helps Democratic candidates by 8 to 10 percent. These facts help explain how a reasonably conservative people could elect a radically liberal president, a man who in substance is essentially only a rhetorical celebrity. These facts also explain that conservatives are already down 10 points come November. We need to be aware of the nature and liberal imbalance of our media and the importance of the media we use, as we go into perhaps the most important election in our history.

The word news originated as an acronym for information from the north, east, west and south, but to many it is just another four-letter word. Actually, I learned it is a “C” lettered word: chaos, confusion, conflict, cover-up, crime, corruption, catastrophe, conspiracy, classified documents and the big two, in my work at the Pentagon, combat and casualties. I was once asked after discussing this: What about sex? My answer: copulation, which we have already heard a lot about this election, as we have other C’s about Republican candidates.

My first encounter with a reporter from the major media concerned an Army aircraft crash. We did not have all the facts, and I told him so. He openly said he didn’t care if he got it right – he needed to get it first. He was not interested in the military’s remarkable safety record despite the most dangerous type of flying; he only wanted gruesome details, which of course upset military families. Another reporter told me he would absolutely publish classified information. My future media encounters just got worse (although there were some outstanding journalists in the Pentagon).

F. Scott Fitzgerald famously said the rich are different from the rest of us. As a military spokesman, I found that many journalists were vastly different from soldiers and most American; not only in their liberal bias but in their psyche. As an example, Mike Wallace, a media icon, once said that if he were a journalist with an enemy patrol covering the ambush of American soldiers, he would cover it as any other story and not warn the Americans. Peter Jennings agreed. By the way, a Marine present at that exchange wondered if he should risk a troop to rescue a wounded journalist outside the wire. After all, he was only a journalist, not an American. Of course he would rescue the journalist.

“60 Minutes” came to me to do a story on night vision goggles, a follow-up to other inaccurate media reports on the subject that implied they were killing our pilots. They promised to be fair and follow my guidelines on educating reporters on the devices and their lifesaving effects. Shortly afterward, I got a call from a friend inside “60 Minutes” stating that he sat in on a meeting in which it was stated openly the show was going to ‘bash” the Army on the subject. When I confronted the head of “60 Minutes” on this, amazingly he demanded that I identify my source! I could go on.

There are improvements in our media thanks largely to talk radio, the Internet and Fox News. Not long ago media anchors would never attack one another. Thankfully, those days are gone, and their liberal bias is being exposed. Still, many of our media are liberal slaves. If you doubt that, ask them; or look at how they vote and spend their money.

Washington journalist voted 93-to-7 for Democrats in the last election. Being liberal is fine, and we are all biased. We hear about the “mainstream media,” the “lamestream media,” and the “drive-by media,” and so be it – but what is dangerous to our freedom is a dishonest media. As I said, their job is to tell us the truth about ourselves and not lie to support their biases. It was a dishonest media that elected Barack Obama. They never told us the truth about the man.

Everyone believes that Dan Quayle can’t spell potato, but how many know that Mr. Obama doesn’t know the difference between a corps and a corpse, or Memorial Day and Veterans Day? Or that he visited 57 states? The man was confused over out national motto! We know that Bill Clinton smoked pot but never inhaled. How many know that Obama was also a doper who did inhale both pot and cocaine. I remember my first visit to the Pentagon on May 19, 1972 – someone had just blown up a toilet. That someone was Bill Ayers, a political ally of Obama.

Bishop Fulton Sheen warned about rationalizing evil. We see that when our media do not tell the truth about issues and censor and distort stories to support their ideology. Edmund Burke said: “Vice itself lost half its evil, by losing all its grossness.” The media will show the grossest examples of sex and violence but no visuals on abortion. If the American people saw a documentary on partial-birth abortion in all its grossness, legalized abortion would end in this country.

A blatant example of media distortion is the media mantra that homosexuals could not serve “openly” in the military. The truth is that they could not serve legally – period. Many wondered, if they can serve, then why not openly? The result is a quad-sexual military that will degrade readiness. If the media covered the truth about homosexual health issues and practices, public opinion would change.

And in a profession that demands unwavering courage, many in the media are cowards. We see images of Jesus in urine and the Madonna covered with elephant dung, but any derogatory image of Muhammad is censored. There are not many Christian suicide bombers.

We are told Obama is ‘brilliant” but never told why. Where are his grades, his SAT scores? You can bet that the Republican presidential candidate will release both his medical and academic records. The media will force him to. President Obama is alone among recent presidential candidates in not releasing his medical records, and the media continue to be mute on this.

As never before voters need the truth and to be aware of the influence and dishonesty of some media and how hard they will work for their protégé, our president, this next election. We also need to be sure that we get our information from more than one source. It has been said that the main difference between a cat and a lie is that a cat only has nine lives. Media cover for dishonest liberal politicians promotes dishonesty. Liberal pols can lie for free, and in the absence of correction, the lie becomes the truth. Recently, the media changed an Obama unconstitutional war on religious freedom into a war on women. I am amazed at how many friends thoughtlessly spew the media narrative on many issues.

The truth about President Obama will doom him and save our country from a fatal transformation.

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