Dear Joseph,

I’d just like to say thank you for having the raw guts to keep up the pressure up on the whole birth certificate investigation.

It is hard to grasp that so many Americans are too busy with their lives to be bothered with what is going on around them with this country. It is this sense of apathy that contributes to an environment where the president, and the anti-Americans he surrounds himself with, can promote and put into action an agenda that is contrary to what I was raised to believe America was all about.

We owe a debt of gratitude not only to all of you at WND, but to “America’s sheriff” as well. And I hope and pray that we have NOT heard the last of Herman Cain! Now more than ever we need truly patriotic black Americans to rise up and voice their displeasure with this regime and its propaganda and lies. No one can defang the racist argument more effectively than leaders like Herman Cain, Rep. Allen West and Marcus Lloyd. It’s time to put the term “African-American” to rest and begin a new era of sincere racial unity, where we’re ALL Americans, first and foremost.

George Godek

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