The “Perry Mason” moment. Almost everyone knows what it is. Television defense-attorney Perry Mason suddenly exposes the real murderer and exonerates his client. Mason typically ensnares the culprit by binding him or her in their own web of deceit. D.A. Hamilton Burger winces; Lt. Tragg sighs. Judge and jury have no choice but to acquit. Mason has done it again.

Step by step, the indomitable Sheriff Joe Arpaio and others, like Orly Taitz, who are probing Obama’s past are leading America to a “Perry Mason” moment. At that inflection point, Barack Obama’s self-appointed lobbyists, also known as the mainstream media, will have no choice but to face the facts about their guy’s epic deception and illicit presidency. Late to the party, suddenly enlightened conservative talk-radio biggies will exclaim in unison, “I told you so!”

As a harbinger of things come, Sheriff Arpaio talked [“Sheriff Joe: ‘Tons’ more shocking Obama info”] of the silence that descended at his press conference when the media were shown Obama’s crudely forged Selective Service Registration Card on the screen. They were snickering no longer.

Truth will out.

R. Martin

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