You guys lost me some time ago over the story regarding Navy chaplains not being able to pray in the name of Jesus. You actually printed me refuting Chaplain Klingenshmitt’s claim regarding that, but clearly favored his take.

Well, you have my respect and admiration again! You, and to a lesser extent the Drudge Report, are almost the only news service carrying the multitude of questions over Obama’s eligibility in general and his failure to provide a credible birth certificate in specific.

I just sent an email to criticizing them for twice failing to post a column on this by one of their commentators [“Media blackout on Obama eligibility near-total”].

So, keep fighting the good fight! Just the fact that the president of the United States posted a document that cannot be what he claimed it was on the official White House website is a big story, as is his failure to correct it when it’s pointed out. Some day you will be able to point at all kinds of news agencies and say: “I told you so!”

Father Alan Wilmot

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