[To Joseph Farah:] My question is why are you so hung up on gays and birth control? I thought the country was in a constitutional emergency. You know, violation of the right to own guns, violation of freedom of speech, no-knock searches, access to emails, voicemail and, above all, the trillions of dollars from the Fed and high unemployment. All this going on and Santorum is running down gays and arguing about birth control; it shows what is important to him and the so-called tea party.

I have voted Republican all my life, but with the leaders for the nomination as they stand, I cannot and will not vote Republican. You are totally out of touch with what is really wanted. I could vote for Ron Paul, but you don’t take him seriously. So good luck – the country is going to hell because Obama is going to be re-elected, all because you have your heads in a dark place.

Frank Wright

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