1. The Anti-Jackson candidate, who also predicted the Emancipation Proclamation: 3 wds.
9. One who worships the LORD in propriety and holiness
10. Belonging to the farther reaches of time
11. Extended ridged earthwork occurring alongside a natural glacier: rare
12. Classical state motto of New York (“ever higher”): Lat.
13. “Journalist” who has scooped Kaupthing Bank, the Church of Scientology and the U.S. State Department
14. City where a man in an Obama mask robbed the safe at McDonald’s, briefly
16. Temporarily adopts the minority role in a duopoly or other power-sharing agreement
19. At the nexus of the matrix of the exousias
21. Like the United States balance sheet for most of our lifetimes
23. Italian “sex symbol” who has marketed cologne, insurance and roller coasters
24. Worldwide instrumental call for assembly and communication
25. Genetically, person bearing two or more different sets of DNA sequences
26. Evolutionist who said debate “is not about the discovery of truth”: 3 wds.
1. Perennial writer who called the American dream “blustery and bellicose … deranged and myopic, dangerous”: 3 wds.
2. Affluent New Jersey borough made light of by the Andrews Sisters: hyph.
3. Leases where prompt payment ensures a tenant is discharged from jurisdictional duties: arch.
4. Makes oneself available in the thick of the situation: 2 wds.
5. Noted follower of the vicissitudes of alchemy, buried in Poet’s Corner
6. With one’s head in the dizzying whirl of the windmills of one’s mind: rare
7. What Justice Brennan would do, torturedly, about capital punishment, but not about abortion
8. Gold-medal Olympic boxer and International Boxing Hall of Famer: 3 wds.
15. Bringing to life with quickening spirit
17. Lead-in, like democracy to corrupt oligarchy in Cicero’s “Republic”
18. Marked by religious self-denial and extreme impassivity
19. Snake oil that claims to cure all, but generally cures best the finances of its promoter
20. Jon McNaughton’s depiction of Obama trampling the Constitution amongst former presidents, e.g.
22. Ability to perceive unknown dimensions of personality

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Obama plans to make his 'fundamental transformation' irreversible – no matter who succeeds him