Dear Joseph,

It’s time for “conservative” people to take the blinders off. The military is part of this runaway government-spending problem.

Are you aware that a 30-year retired colonel (that’s retired at age 51) makes over $120,000 a year for life with cost-of-living increases and virtually free medical thrown in? 
Military pay has more than DOUBLED in past decade. The Pentagon itself says that if something isn’t changed, the entire budget will go to retirement benefits.

Before you call me a communist, know that I served in the Air Force, have a father that retired as a 30 year colonel (before it become so lucrative) after two tours in Vietnam with a mother that will collect the survivor benefits for life (my dad passed away), including Tricare, and a brother that works as a defense contractor. 

Truth is truth no matter what your life circumstances are.

We don’t have the money for these lucrative government retirees or even the current pay rates. What do I propose? End all government automatic cost-of-living increases. Retirements should be fixed for a certain amount of years (20 years work, 10 or 20 years retirement, not life) or switched to a personal account like a 401k.

David Webb

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