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Cut Rick Warren some slack

The way to winning people to Christ is though relationships. Rick Warren knows this [“Rick Warren’s bridge to Islam”].

You can’t just meet someone and tell them that everything they have believed all of their life is a lie … and, by the way, you are going to hell unless you accept Jesus. NO! A relationship has to be made. You spend time with people, have an interest in them and their lives. As the friendship/relationship grows, circumstances come up where you have opportunities to share the Lord, or show them how a Christian deals with difficult situations. Some people have and will be won over to Christ.

As a Christian, I have gone back and forth with Rick Warren’s ways over the years. After my own investigating, I believe he is the real deal and not a “seeker sensitive” type of man who thinks all roads lead to heaven. I believe he is a man who is trying to reach as many people for Christ as he can.

I remember when I was not a Christian, and how it felt when a “Christian” was very judgmental toward me. I also remember how it felt when a Christian was loving and kind towards me. The one that drew me was the loving, kind person, not the one who used the Bible to beat me up so I would see the error of my ways.

Lastly, While I may not always agree with everything he says, Rick Warren is a man. Because he is a man, he has and will continue to make mistakes. Don’t we all?

Diane Vasquez