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D.C. insider blows whistle on 'global warming'

I’ll be frank with you – even though my name is Jim (come on, everyone needs even a weak laugh in this difficult world): I like James Inhofe a lot.

Only recently, a friend of mine who likes to think she is a lefty categorized the Oklahoma senator as a wing-nut, but as my discerning wife pointed out, don’t wing-nuts hold things together?

Sen. Inhofe, elected to Congress in 1994, has been one of those true watchdogs in the effort to “hold things together.” His work on the Committee on Environment and Public Works now seems like a divine appointment; it has given him the opportunity to be a whistleblower on “global warming.”

That’s one reason I was so excited to read his latest book, “The Greatest Hoax: How the Global Warming Conspiracy Threatens Your Future.” I can’t get enough of these kinds of books – or I should say, those books that stand out and provide real meat regarding an issue of such importance.

“The Greatest Hoax” is just such a book. For one thing, Inhofe is upfront about the fact that this really is a conspiracy. A chilling thought, yes, but I’d rather face that reality than stick my head in a prairie dog living room.

Sometimes, it’s not a bad thing to be a Washington insider, and in this case, Inhofe’s job is quite important, because from his vantage point, he lets us know that Barack Obama and his minions in government have never taken a day off from their agenda to control the population through justly described “draconian new government controls.” The senator points out that Obama works tirelessly to push through new “carbon taxes” and regulations that contribute greatly to his great master plan: wealth distribution.

(I also found it intriguing that “The Greatest Hoax” is endorsed by a plethora of credible people, scientists and politicians, such as the Czech Republic’s Vaclav Klaus and Dr. Harrison Schmitt.)

From the start of this book, Inhofe shows his combative side. In “Why I Fight” (a takeoff of the World War II-era slogan, “Why We Fight”), he gets right to the heart of the matter, telling us that he does it for future generations.

The left claims the same thing, but let Inhofe tell it: “What they [the left] never acknowledge is that their policies would give our children a substantially depressed quality of life, forcing them to live in a less free, less prosperous America.”

Inhofe also doesn’t give us some esoteric reasons for doing what he does. His personal narrative in this larger story of government regulations is so compelling, one sees clearly that it prepared him for where he is.

This tireless watchdog for the American people first noted the strangling regulations as a developer in the 1970s. He wanted to restore the Wrightsman Oil Estate, which had been donated by the family to the war effort in the 1940s. Inhofe wanted merely to move a fire escape from one side of the mansion to the other, but was denied by the local city engineer.

Inhofe the Terrible told him that he’d run for mayor and fire him … and that’s exactly how the story played out! Now do you get a glimpse into why the country is blessed to have someone like this advocating for us, the people?

Another strong vantage point Inhofe has in exposing “the greatest hoax” is as a citizen of the state of Oklahoma, a key oil-producer. Inhofe has seen too many cases of people leaving the business because of over-regulation.

He also provides a riveting insight into liberals in Washington, many of whom have “never had a real job in their entire lives.” Moreover, they rarely go home!

“Why should they?” Inhofe asks. “There seem to be more golf courses in northern Virginia than anywhere else.”

Inhofe also provides another ghastly peek into the manipulation that comes from liberalism. He relates a story that I find quite disturbing, and factors into the whole global warming conspiracy:

“I discovered that not only did my liberal colleagues in the House believe it was none of their constituents’ business how they voted, but that there were set procedures in place to make sure of that.

“There was one particular statement that I often heard whispered in the Cloakroom: ‘Vote liberal and press release conservative.’ I discovered that in 1932, a very powerful Democrat from Texas, Speaker John Nance Garner, had set up a system that would allow Democrats from conservative districts to do just that: vote for liberal causes, while pretending to be conservatives.”

Well, you see a key factor in this whole discussion: Who is keeping up with the voting records of our elected representatives? Here is one of them, Jim Inhofe, who is whistle-blowing to beat the band. We should pay very careful attention to what he is telling us.

With respect to one of the left’s holy of holies, global warming/climate change/pick-tomorrow’s-new-mantra, Inhofe goes into great detail about the hoax as perpetrated by no less than Al Gore.

Inhofe relates that Gore and his vacuous Hollywood pals were even scaring young children by promoting the idea that Earth might end up like “its sister planet, Venus, with a temperature of 250 [degrees] centigrade.”

Folks, this is classic liberal ideology: outrageous scenarios without so much as a modicum of real evidence.

“The Greatest Hoax” also benefits from Inhofe’s personal hand-to-hand combat style in Congress. Inhofe doesn’t mind getting down into the minutiae, as he explains how liberals skew the data:

“Briffa’s reconstruction relied on tree ring proxies [data gleaned about temperatures in the past] that produced a sharp and steady decline in temperature after 1960,” Inhofe writes. “This conflicted with the instrumental temperature readings that showed a steep rise.”

What he is saying is that when the data doesn’t fit liberal agendas/propaganda, they conceal it.

This kind of information is just one reason I love “The Greatest Hoax.” It is a key weapon in the fight against the takeover of our beloved country by Marxist ideology. If you think that’s an extreme statement, read the book and tell me I’m wrong.

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