Dear Mr. Farah,

If it weren’t for WND, NOBODY would know about any of the major issues you and your staff cover and are covering.

I subscribe to four newspapers (the S.F. Khommikal, the Santa Rosa Pressed Dummycrud, the Marin Independent Urinal and the Sonoma Idiot-Spitoon). None of the items WND has been reporting on, especially the Cold Case Posse investigation of the fraud polluting the White House, have been mentioned … NONE of it.

There seems to be more factual news in Russia Today and the London Telegraph about what’s really going on in this country than in any major metropolitan newspaper other than the Washington Times.

I don’t watch the alphabet propaganda networks (including that sham outfit Fox), so I cannot say one way or another as to what is or isn’t on their kabuki theatre presentations.

However, I can state that based on what I read, there is no longer a free print press in what’s left of America. The print press has become the Isvestia and Pravda of this country with controlled “news” and leftist/communist propaganda as the main themes.

I shudder to think what things would be like without the Internet and access to WND.


Mike Martin

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