It’s almost a koan: When is an intelligence report stupid? When does decrying hatred constitute hatred? When does a self-appointed watchdog group lose all credibility … and how does one identify that loss if the group never had credibility to lose?

Questions like these could be dismissed as harmless wool-gathering, if not for the fact that such a group holds direct sway over Barack Hussein Obama’s Department of Homeland Security. The DHS under Obama has engaged in an ominous pattern of redefining as potential terrorists anyone who doesn’t vote for liberal Democrats. White males, conservatives, libertarians and other third-party voters, Christians who believe in the rapture and even returning veterans – in other words, every single voting demographic that is unlikely to support Obama – are all on Obama’s enemies lists. They have presumably become a footnote on the tally of gainfully employed citizens Obama knows won’t vote for him.

This is why Obama’s Justice Department considers polling place IDs to be an effort to suppress Democratic voter turnout, but has no problem with club-wielding Black Panthers menacing senior citizens on their way to the ballot: because uneducated, Spanish-speaking illegal aliens, gang members and dead people vote Democrat, not Republican. People who have jobs and can speak English apparently also tend to have driver’s licenses and other forms of photo ID. The libs can’t have those people voting – not if they can help it. And if they can’t redefine churchgoing white people and tea-party members as dangerous terrorists, why, they’ll swamp honest Americans in a sea of voter fraud.

Such nakedly manipulative, ideological pogroms are not possible without appeals to authority. For Obama’s morally and intellectually bankrupt DHS, that “authority” is frequently Morris Dees and the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC). The SPLC is a hate group and nothing more. Its operatives hate white people (the ones who don’t vote Democrat, anyway), capitalism, guns, Christians, freedom, the Constitution, and probably kittens and apple pie.

For years Dees and the SPLC saw white-hooded Klansman behind every fire hydrant. When screaming “Klan” in a crowded theater no longer panicked people, the SPLC was instrumental in manufacturing and then inflating the threat posed by “anti-government militias.” While certainly some legitimate extremist and terrorist groups are occasionally caught in the SPLC’s trawling nets, the organization overwhelmingly condemns as “hate” any political opinion with which Morris Dees disagrees.

Described on the SPLC’s website as its founder and “chief trial attorney,” Dees was Jimmy Carter’s campaign finance director. He also worked for George McGovern. His political leanings have never been secret, nor has the hysterical slander with which he paints all citizens whose opinions and activities he deems incorrect. Political correctness has never been more rampant than it is now, and in this climate, there is no more dangerous epithet you can hurl at someone than to accuse them of “hate.”

This is an entirely subjective measure, usually not provable, leveled at Dees’ whim. It is thrown with all the enthusiasm of a feces-smeared “Occupy” rapist chucking a Molotov cocktail through the window of a Starbucks. It is a weapon – of social sanction, of hypocritical moral sanction and of marginalization. This is the stock in trade of all liberals. They do not argue ideas; they dismiss and they silence. They do not entertain debate; they shout down and they threaten. They do not listen to reason; they project and they accuse.

Do you oppose gay marriage? You promulgate hate. Are you for the death penalty? You’re a hatemonger. Do you condemn Occupy Wall Street? Hate. Think Muslim terrorism represents a threat to the United States? You’re brimming with hate. Oppose illegal immigration? That’s hate, too. And do you dare to call out the Democrats and their supporters on their propaganda and lies? Why, there is no greater act of hatred, and the fact that you’re United States Rep. Allen West just makes you that much more hateful.

No social issue is too obscure, no act of political incorrectness too benign, to earn the SPLC’s defamation. Are you a young man who prides himself on his ability to talk women into bed? You’re a misogynist, and the SPLC lists you among the many such groups it reviles. Even a shirttail relationship with the Men’s Rights Movement is enough to earn you a good, hard watchdogging by Morris Dees and his self-righteous minions – and never you mind why, because asking questions like that is something hateful Republicans would do.

“If your name or your group’s name gets mentioned on [the SPLC’s many enemies lists],” writes Michael Brendan Dougherty, “it can ruin your reputation. One ‘Intelligence Report’ was even used as the basis for the Justice Department’s own report on domestic right-wing terrorism in America.” Dougherty puts his finger squarely on the heart of the problem. The Southern Poverty Law Center – which has been called out for Dees’ allegedly shifty fundraising – is adding Americans to its hate rosters simply because it disagrees with them, based on no other criteria whatsoever.

The phrase “jumping the shark” refers to someone or something that has lost any and all credibility with its audience. While Dees and his wretched little hate group never had any credibility with right-thinking Americans, it has and does influence many libs – and many in our government. The Southern Poverty Law Center has abandoned any pretext of political neutrality, if indeed it ever pretended to objectivity.

Easy as it is to mock or dismiss the SPLC as just another knot of what Mark Krikorian called “humorless, clueless commissars,” we cannot afford to do so. We must see Dees and his hate group for the threat they represent. We must acknowledge that Dees is in the business of damning, slandering and misrepresenting Americans who don’t share his political viewpoint. We must identify the SPLC, and its enemies lists, as the weapon the libs use so readily … and we must hate them all for it.

Hate that which is evil. Hate what is dishonest. Hate anything that will harm America.

Hate Morris Dees, because he is a liar.

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