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Feds sued for suspected 'Irangate' documents

In the “Chinagate” scandal in the 1990s, technology companies allegedly donated millions of dollars to various Democratic Party entities, including President Bill Clinton’s 1996 re-election campaign, in return for permission to sell high-tech secrets to China.

Along came Larry Klayman, then of Judicial Watch, to raise questions.

Now there is suspicion that dealings between the U.S. and Iran haven’t been exactly above-board, and Klayman, now of Freedom Watch, is back in the saddle, taking to court his worries that there is a new and alarming “Irangate” going on.

He’s filed a legal action in federal court in Washington against the Department of State, Department of the Treasury, Federal Reserve, CIA, National Security Agency, Department of Defense and Department of Commerce.

“What we’re trying to, what we have done, is to effectively trigger an investigation by the court, like the Chinagate case, which blew up in the face of Bill and Hillary Clinton,” Klayman told WND.

The action follows a Freedom of Information Act request submitted to the agencies that wanted “all correspondence, memoranda, documents, reports, records, statements, audits, lists of names, applications. diskettes, letters, expense logs and receipts, calendar or diary logs, facsimile logs, telephone records call sheets, tape recordings, video-movie recordings, notes, examinations, opinions, folders, files, books, manuals, pamphlets, forms, drawings, charts, photographs, electronic mail, and other documents and things.”

The subject matters at the various agencies included international sanctions against Iran, China, Venezuela and Russia; waivers of sanctions; dissolutions of sanctions; executive orders; communications to and from Hillary Clinton, now secretary of state; communications to and from Barack Obama and literally dozens of other subjects and topics.

Klayman told WND he wants to know why the U.S. is acting as it is toward Iran.

Just like the suspicious trails of money moving toward politicians that coincided with special accommodations allegedly delivered in Chinagate, Klayman said he wants to start the process of tracking down what has been influencing the administration’s decisions regarding Iran.

He suspects there are bribes for waivers to the sanctions, and he wonders why the U.S. is holding Israel at arms’ length while “embracing the Muslim Brotherhood.”

“We’re doing what Congress should be doing [to investigate],” Klayman said.

“The Iranians certainly could be equally adept as the Chinese at lining the pockets of U.S. politicians,” he said.

It was in 2010, when Hillary Clinton expressed worry that Iran is “moving toward” a military dictatorship, that Klayman first promised to find out just what is going on.

“Why is Hillary Clinton and the Obama administration refusing to challenge the radical Islamic regime in Iran over its systematic imprisonment, torture and extermination of its own people?” Klayman asked at the time.

“Incredibly, Secretary of State Clinton was quoted as saying, ‘We see that the government of Iran, the supreme leader, the president, the parliament, is being supplanted and that Iran is moving toward a military dictatorship?'” he said.

“Mrs. Clinton obviously knows that Islamic Iranian regime is already a Hitler-like dictatorship, comprised of neo-Nazis who imprison, torture and murder anyone who opposes them. That she would say the country is only moving in that direction is not naivete,” Klayman said.

“Could it be that she is on the Iranian regime’s payroll, just as was the case when she orchestrated the ‘Chinagate’ scandal from the Clinton White House?” he questioned at the time.

Early in the Obama administration, Klayman tried unsuccessfully to convince Congress to grill Clinton about both “Chinagate” and “Filegate” while she was being nominated for secretary of state.

“Filegate” developed when President Clinton and Hillary Clinton were accused of violating the privacy rights of their perceived political enemies by wrongly accessing and misusing the FBI files of Reagan and George H.W. Bush administration staffers, among others.

“In an effort to discredit the women who charged President Clinton with sexual misconduct, personal files and papers were illegally obtained and released. The courts found, under the Privacy Act, that privacy of Linda Tripp and Kathleen Willey had been violated,” said a report from Judicial Watch, which originally was involved in the case, citing just a few of the more than 900 files involved.

“As the country may remember, one of the Clintons’ techniques at keeping adversaries at bay was to illegally gather confidential and classified FBI files to use against these persons if they ever challenged the Clintons’ behavior in the White House,” Klayman wrote.

In the Travelgate scandal, the staff of the White House travel office was fired to make way for Clinton cronies.

Klayman, the author of “WHORES: Why and How I Came to Fight the Establishment,” previously accused Obama and other Western leaders of helping the Iranian regime try to halt dissent.

Klayman recently wrote a column about some of the issues.

“Remember Chinagate, the scandal I helped undercover at Judicial Watch during the late 1990s? It was about Communist China spreading money all around Washington, D.C. – not just the corrupt Democratic and Clinton political machine – to get what it wanted from our government: highly classified national security information and technology. Remember how the Republican Congress shut down its Chinagate campaign-finance investigation when it was learned that Republicans had also profited from Chinese largesse? … So why would it be inconceivable now that Iran, which is a close ally to Communist China, would employ these same tactics?”

He continued, “In short, is U.S. governmental ‘inaction’ toward the Iranian nuclear threat due to a similar massive bribery scheme that engulfs both of our corrupt major political parties? In my gut, and if the past is a prologue, I believe this to be true. And, I for one, intend to try to find out before it is too late for all of us!”