I cannot get my arms around Breitbart’s sudden death. I just can’t. Gen. Patton in the information battle-space leaves the battlefield at Normandy.

I mourn deeply on a personal level. My thoughts and prayers are with his wonderful wife and children. What a profound loss.

Andrew Breitbart was our warrior, our leader. Fearless, unapologetic, brilliant. I admire few people, but I admired him. He was in a league of his own. The herculean contribution he made to the war against the left and the enemedia cannot be calculated.

I just loved him. He was the only one on the right with fierce spine and courage. So many in the big right blogosphere and media are so afraid of tackling certain issues. They are weak. They are insipid. Andrew Breitbart was anything but weak or insipid. He loved to confront the lies, the corruption, the evil. He was the happy warrior indeed.

The world is a scarier place without him. I do not overstate his influence. The left and its organ grinder’s monkey, the enemedia, feared him. He terrified them. It’s why they despised him so.

He was a fearless champion.

When I was organizing the protests against the Ground Zero mosque in 2010, so many prominent conservatives, including some who are famous for their “fearlessness,” were afraid to speak. Some even agreed to speak and then backed out because they feared media or GOP establishment backlash – but not Andrew Breitbart. Breitbart, unlike today’s establishment conservatives and RINOs, feared no one. He spoke, and he was brilliant. Watch it here.

Even in death, Andrew Breitbart continues to unmask the murdering monsters on the left. Friday, there was for a brief fleeting moment a small hope that perhaps Andrew hadn’t died at all, and that he had pranked the media just to show how vile, depraved and evil the left in America really was. I prayed for it. For there is no doubt that the ugliness and pure evil of the open glee that the left displayed when they heard about Andrew’s death best illustrates what he had brilliantly been exposing to us for years.

Most notorious, of course, was Rolling Stone’s disgusting piece: “Andrew Breitbart: Death of a Douche.” But Rolling Stone was by no means alone. I retweeted a couple of monstrous profane tweets from leftists celebrating Andrew’s death. This was something Andrew did often: He frequently retweeted the monstrous abuse leftists would send him, as do I when Islamic supremacists or their leftist apologists tweet me their extreme hate and threats. Breitbart was criticized for doing that by weak and limp-wristed effetes on the right. To do this was bad form, they would say, doncha know?

But Andrew was right. Simply by repeating their own words, sending out what they had sent to him, he exposed the left more devastatingly and accurately than anything any of us could ever do.

And this kind of thing is what made Andrew Breitbart so bloody brilliant. He understood the fight, he understood the enemy, and above all, he knew how to win. And he knew that no victory for the right would come from playing footsie with an enemy that was desperate and evil.

I related to Andrew Breitbart because he was fearless on the information battlefield. The weak elites on the right today routinely give aid and comfort to the destroyers. But not Breitbart. He took them out. As a New Yorker, I propose a day in his honor for saving us from that debased and utterly corrupt pervert, Anthony Weiner. And I promise you that Breitbart will continue to haunt these cretins long into the future, from a place where his allies are … more formidable.

When I saw him just weeks ago at CPAC, he was full of talk about his new Big project, to complement his existing Big Government, Big Journalism and Big Hollywood sites that have already begun to take the initiative in setting the terms of the public discourse away from the left. Thank G-d that even though Andrew is gone, his staff is still moving ahead with it.

Nonetheless, when I was speaking in Florida last Friday evening, someone asked me who would fill Breitbart’s shoes. No one. No one could. But all of us must.

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