The presidential race is getting most of the attention in the 2012 campaign, but the congressional races are also very important. In 2010, Republicans picked up more than 60 House seats and claimed the majority. As might be expected, both parties are predicting strong gains this year.

“Republicans are on offense. We have a number of opportunities that we left on the board in 2010 that we will be aggressively pursuing this cycle,” said Paul Lindsay, communications director at the National Republican Congressional Committee, which is tasked with recruiting and re-electing GOP candidates.

He tells WND why he’s confident Republicans will add to their majority and not suffer the loss of many seats gained in 2010. He also explains why Democrat predictions of reclaiming the majority are nothing more than “chest thumping.” Lindsay discusses why redistricting based on the most recent census is likely to benefit Republicans more than Democrats and why the list of retiring members also works to his party’s advantage.

Lindsay also tells us why he’s not worried about a surprisingly high number of GOP retirements in California.

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