With all this Trayvon outrage, where is the outrage over the recent black-on-white hate crime that happened in my hometown of Kansas City, Mo., (actually I live in a burb) where two 16-year-old African-American boys beat up a 13-year-old white boy and set him on fire, stating that’s what he deserved as a “white boy.” I go to the lake on weekends where I don’t get service and heard not a peep about this until I received a link to a story from a friend. (And it appears that only two of our local news stations reported it.)

We read of all the horrible stories about things that happen to minorities and to the people of Islam or from the East. We have it for breakfast, lunch and dinner. But, when it happens to Caucasians it is absolutely ignored by our great and fair news companies.

This is a crime. I found just two stories on the Kansas City attack. Where is Huffington and the Times and all the mainstream news stations?

This was a crime they chose to ignore, and it needs to be brought out in the open.

Linda Moore

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