What do the globalists and the 2012 presidential elections have in common?

Let me be real clear about this: Of the five candidates running for president, three are globalists.

What is a globalist, you ask? In short, a globalist is an individual who belongs to an organization of like-minded people who believe in two things. One is a New World Order, and the other is a one-world government. Essentially, they would like to put the world back into the Dark Ages, where there was a caste system. This caste system was made up of two entities, the very rich and the very poor, who toiled and labored for the rich, or the nobility. There was no middle class.

The organizations that meet and believe in this system are as follows:

CFR, or the Council of Foreign Relations




Trilateral Commission

These organizations are made up of wealthy businessmen and women, politicians, royalty, media personalities and international financiers from all over the world. These people do not care if you are poor, sick, in debt or anything. They only care about themselves and their agenda. They can start wars and trash economies to suit their own purposes, and you are not included. Some of these individuals belong to more than one organization.

It does not make a difference if you are a Democrat, Republican or an independent. Past presidents and others have and do belong to these organizations. In the past, your vote really did not matter, because the candidates both belonged to an organization, and that organization won if it was a Republican or a Democrat.

To be fair, not all Republicans and not all Democrats subscribe to the New World Order ideology.

This is why the vote for 2012 is so important. This is our last chance to get it right. If you really care about this country, then you have to get it right. I do not care if you are a dyed-in-the wool Republican or Democrat; you have to get it right for the sake of America.

The two candidates who do not belong to these organizations are: Ron Paul and Rick Santorum. I prefer Rick Santorum over Ron Paul because of his foreign policy platform. Ron Paul has a lot of good ideas, though, and I would not be unhappy if he became president.

I would like for you to type in your browser “Council of Foreign Relations,” and then look at their members list. You will be surprised who is on that list.

Anyway, get it right. A vote against Obama is a vote to save America.

L.W. Van Leuven

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