Perhaps she’s never gotten over being mistaken for a hotel maid while serving as U.S. secretary of state, but Madeleine Albright is joining the chorus of the political left today, claiming there’s a “war on women” stoked by Republicans.

Albright, who was America’s top diplomat in President Bill Clinton’s administration, has just penned a fundraising plea for Democrats, saying, “Here in America, Republicans have launched an all out attack on women’s rights. They’ve targeted women’s health care and are trying to roll back basic rights that most of us thought were won more than a generation ago.”

“It seems every time women take one step forward, extremists try to push us back,” she added.

Her plea for money goes on to state: “Republicans are on the wrong side of history, once again. Women will never go back to the days where we could not control our own reproductive health care decisions – and we will not remain silent in the face of vicious misogyny and anti-women hate speech. But, one thing I’ve learned is that rights never stay won. Each generation must stand up and fight to hold accountable those who would try to take our rights away.”

Albright, now 74, says Nancy Pelosi and House Democrats have set a goal of raising $2.5 million before the end-of-quarter FEC deadline “to show we will stand strong and united against the Republican attack on women’s rights.”

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Albright says any contribution of $3 or more “will be matched dollar-for-dollar by Democrats committed to holding radical Republicans accountable.”

Ironically, Albright may have felt she personally was the victim of a war on women in 1999 while serving as secretary of state.

According to reports by ABC News, the New York Daily News and other agencies, “When a bunch of Albanians mistook Madeleine Albright for a hotel cleaning lady, the secretary of state spewed a most-undiplomatic, and untranslatable, stream of invective.”

A State Department spokesman wouldn’t comment on the Daily News report that Albright was mistaken for a maid during peace negotiations for Kosovo in Rambouillet, France.

Albright at first wasn’t recognized by the Albanian delegation when she walked into their room, the paper said.

“One member of the delegation, who didn’t realize who she was, and probably thinking she was some cleaning lady because it was after midnight, simply said to her, ‘Give us five minutes and please go away,'” recalled Albanian diplomat Dugagjin Gorani in “War on Europe,” a British TV program.

Instead, Albright exploded in rage, swearing at the group, according to the reports. “Mrs. Albright started using explicit language which the translators never could translate into Albanian,” said Veton Surroi, another member of the delegation.

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