Mr. Farah,

I was so disappointed to read your column on “Why Romney can’t win.”

Just because you back Santorum is no reason to blast Romney. I was undecided for a long time, but after hearing all the whining and crying Rick Santorum has been doing, I can’t back him. All he’ll do is whine and cry when Obama starts spreading all the hate and lies about him.

Romney has explained Massachusetts health care many, many times, yet you say he can’t debate Obama on that issue. You are wrong. The two are not the same. Compare them. If you are talking state, then you should understand the difference. This is not the federal government’s job; it is the state’s job. If you don’t like the mandate, that’s another story. If you listen to Romney’s explanation at all, you would still understand.

Romney is the strongest one to stand up to Obama. He’s not afraid of the things Obama is going to throw at him. Talk about flip-flopping … Santorum has also. He was not always against abortion, but you won’t point that out. He changed his mind on that. Romney did too, but when someone goes to the good side, that’s a compliment not a flip-flop. Romney has business experience, which we need to help clean up our mess. Santorum has not had any business experience AT ALL. Just being in the Senate is hardly business experience. Look at all the ways Santorum has voted while in the Senate and then tell me he hasn’t flip-flopped!

I’ve always been a backer of WND, but this has me on the downside. I just can’t believe it. We want to win in November and get Obama out of office, but with columns like this one, Obama will easily win. It isn’t going to be all that easy to beat Obama anyway.

You are about to lose me as a supporter.

Lillian Maxey

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