Rush Limbaugh

The fallout from the Rush Limbaugh/Sandra Fluke “slut” controversy continues to rain down on the broadcasting industry and beyond. Yet as W. James Antle III points out at the American Spectator, the drive to “hush Rush” has been going on for decades.

While no fan of Limbaugh, Michael Wolff of the U.K.’s far left newspaper The Guardian explained that calls for a boycott of Rush’s show revealed that the host’s opponents had no real understanding of Limbaugh’s business model.

The reporter does, however, because as he explains: “As it happened, in 1987, one of the guys my dad worked with, Lee Vanden-Handel, a man without any rabid interest in politics but with a keen sense of the no-brand advertising market, discovered Rush Limbaugh at a station in Sacramento.”

Wolff explains that giant corporations like IBM and Budweiser are still tied to television ads, a world familiar and comfortable for the left. But Rush and other radio hosts make their advertising dollars off “no-brands,” companies more concerned about selling their products than selling their name. Consequently, all the squawking from major advertisers is more about the companies promoting themselves than doing Rush any real damage.

“This is partly to say that the media establishment really has no power over Rush,” Wolff writes. “And it is partly to say that liberals, to their continuing detriment, really don’t understand how the media work.”

Michael Savage

Michael Savage is no fan of Rick Santorum. Calling the Republican candidate “a moron,” Savage expressed his shock that Santorum could win as many primaries as he has, while not sparing the other front runners from criticism as well (FREE audio).

Savage no doubt surprised a few listeners this week when he informed them that he’d just purchased a model train set.

“I don’t think I’m going through a second childhood, either,” Savage insisted. “When you have your mind on the world’s problems day in and day out, and you see the Western world under assault by such throwbacks, sometimes you need to take your mind off it” (FREE audio).

Sean Hannity

Fox Business host Stuart Varney joined Sean to talk about the latest economic statistics from the Congressional Budget Office, which Varney called inaccurate:

“They’re not even factoring in a recent Harvard study,” Varney explained, “that shows the shift of 30 million Americans onto Medicaid will actually cost one trillion dollars more over the next ten years than the government originally said it would” (FREE audio).

Hannity also asked his guest Rick Santorum about the liberal double standard regarding offensive comments about women, depending upon whether or not the female target is conservative.

“There isn’t an interview that went by over the last week where I wasn’t asked a question about Rush Limbaugh,” Santorum told Hannity. “And yet repeatedly, these – these folks on the left, whether it’s Maher or Letterman or you name it, they’re out there trashing anybody who stands up for Christian conservative values” (FREE audio).

Mark Levin

An estimated two thousand people gathered at the Ronald Reagan Presidential Library to hear Mark Levin talk about America’s drift away from its constitutional foundation (FREE audio).

According to a Library spokesman, Levin’s event sold out “in under 21 minutes after it was announced.”

Also this week, Levin declared that he would donate $50,000 to Barack Obama’s reelection campaign if the president would agree to debate him on “the real issues” for one hour (FREE audio).

Laura Ingraham

Red State’s Erick Erickson joined Laura to discuss Rick Santorum’s big primary wins, while the candidate himself came on and insisted that he could still win the delegate count needed for him to secure the GOP nomination.

Also this week, Todd Myers explained the adverse affect “green” building codes on the economy, while Newt Gingrich talked about his future as a presidential contender. (FREE audio).

Aaron Klein

This week, WND’s own Aaron Klein’s show Investigative Radio detailed exactly how the White House maneuvered Sandra Fluke into the spotlight (FREE audio).

Recently, Klein’s research was singled out for praise by a senior Pentagon official. Retired General Jerry Boykin, told Glenn Beck that Klein had uncovered “a more sinister side” to the “Kony 2012” viral “charity” campaign – that George Soros was trying to influence Obama to deploy U.S. troops to Uganda.

Glenn Beck

Beck, himself a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, tore into MSNBC’s Chris Matthews, who this week insulted Mormons on his show, as well as Americans from the South (FREE webcam).

And now, from the left side of the dial …

Tavis Smiley is as “progressive” as they come, but this week the radio host singled out President Obama and charged him with “hypocrisy.”

Why? Because, according to Smiley, Obama’s SuperPAC contradicts the president’s own statements about campaign finance reform (FREE audio).

Smiley’s guest, union president Leo Gerard, just made things worse by admitting that Obama and other Democrats find this method of fundraising “disgusting,” but “he can’t fight this election with one hand tied behind his back.”

If leftists like Tavis Smiley are willing to criticize Obama so openly, one wonders what they say about the man they elected when they’re behind closed doors.

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